Hannah Perry

born 1984 in UK

Hannah Perry creates multimedia installations and found footage films along with staging online interventions and performances. In producing her works, she applies a collage aesthetic incorporating archival footage from VHS tapes, video found online and impromptu smartphone films. Her works are marked by a characteristic editing style and rhythm inspired by popular music.

Perry’s works constitute a reflection on the identity of a generation whose maturation process coincided with the explosive growth of the internet and media culture. For Perry, the identity of her peers is a collection of open questions on the illusion of community, the authenticity of emotions felt and the potential inherent in the technology being used to create the inner and outer self.

With its DIY approach, the "Sorry, I didn't even say hello" installation uses mostly industrial components – scaffolding, synthetic materials, car speakers. It is a performative gesture within the gallery space meant to initiate dialogue with the viewer. The piece can also be interpreted as a commentary on the mainstream’s appropriation of the ideals espoused by 80s and 90s subcultures, and simultaneously as a question on new forms of social identification employed by the youngest generation.

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