Piotr Łakomy

born 1983 in Poland

Piotr Łakomy creates paintings, installations and objects as well as conducts artistic and curatorial activities in public space. Experimenting with simple industrial materials, Łakomy makes monochromatic objects and spatial installations with a cold and raw aesthetic.

In our time of technological excess, the formal minimalism of Łakomy's work is in stark contrast to the constant influx of images and information. The work shown at the exhibition is a triptych of mirrors made from buffed offset plates - thin sheets of aluminium with a time marking applied during the plate's production.

Łakomy combines plates with matching time markings and uses them to build a spatial situation which reacts to the viewer's movements. Though the severe minimalism imposes a sense of depersonalisation, the artist constructs it in such a way that the act of locating oneself in time and space takes on a very intimate dimension. 

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