Founded by Netherlanders Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden, Metahaven is one of the best-known and progressive graphic design studios in Europe. The collective’s interdisciplinary projects  address current socio-political issues – they create visual objects and write critical texts and manifestos. Among Metahaven’s recent projects, especially widely commented was their visual identity work for the Wikileaks platform.

The graphic novel “Captives of the Cloud” and the video work “Black Transparency” are each a commentary on the subject of freedom and political agency on the internet. “Captives of the Cloud” follows the ongoing centralisation of net infrastructure imposed by services offered by corporations like Google, Facebook and Amazon. “Black Transparency” is a manifesto of modern digital nomads and a reflection on the potential of collective co-existence and on the yearning for security in a time of ubiquitous surveillance.

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