Jennifer Chan

born 1988 in Canada

Jennifer Chan works in video, filmed performances, animated GIFs and installations. Chan’s work deconstructs web-based visual culture, deliberately exploring online kitsch and “folklore” along the lines of 1990s services like Geocities.

In her colourful, ironic animations, the artist, however, goes beyond mere aesthetic conventions of pop-culture fetishes and the internet’s dark nooks. More than anything, she focuses on how identity takes shape in the visual realm, analysing online means of race and gender narration and representation.   

Chan’s work in the exhibition is a video titled "A Total Jizzfest". Resembling a PowerPoint ranking of the richest, sexiest men in IT the piece contemplates the absence of women in the history of the internet.

The artist emphasises the genealogical similarities of these titans of technology: white men from the West, among them the scientist Alan Turing, Julian Assange (Wikileaks), Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Christopher Poole (4chan) and Jakob Lodwick (vimeo). Attempting to answer the question of how desire relates to power, Chan combines feminist criticism with a reflection on the subject of sensual pleasure derived from imagery consumption.    

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