Jason Loebs

born 1980 in USA

Jason Loebs is a conceptual artist. His interests lie in phenomena such as dispersion, decay and entropy in connection to our functioning within an information society. 

Loebs produced the photographs for the Servic(escape)s series in his studio with an infrared camera, a piece of equipment often used in military surveillance and in construction for the purpose of identifying areas of heat loss. The title of the work references a term employed in management theory concerning the analysis of the influence that physical environment has on workers in the service sector.

The artist observes his own private environment, capturing the invisible-to-the-naked-eye energy halos emitted by electronic devices. Loebs is interested in accumulation, surplus, and the emission of heat by the personal objects we surround ourselves with. Thermodynamics and invisible “digital traces” also appear in the "Anthropomemoria" series, which can be interpreted as a commentary on the emergence of biopolitics concerning our identity, the personalisation of data and electronic devices.

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