Gregor Różański

born 1988 in Poland

Gregor Różański is a multimedia artist. He focuses on contemporary issues and contexts including various conceptual practices, ephemeral projects, multimedia, Internet, found objects, sculpture, installation and drawings.

Różański’s work is a remastered version of Derek Jarman’s film “Blue” (1993). Blue, the last colour seen by the protagonist and the author, was depicted by Jarman as a testimony of the final stage of his AIDS disease. Różański reconceptualised the original screenplay by replacing words ‘AIDS’ and ‘HIV’ with terms associated with visual overload and media chaos. He plots a story of a man, who has lost his perception apparatus, sanity and consciousness in the post-physical phantasmagoria of the Internet.

Różański’s screen is saturated with the colour blue derived from Facebook colour palette (code: #3B5998; RGB 59, 89, 152) and branded by the artist as International Facebook Blue, following the famous colour patent by Yves Klein. Blue, known for its neutral and positive associations, is used frequently in visual branding of international corporations and government agencies. “I’m colour blind, it’s the only colour I can see.” - Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook answering to why he chose blue for his website design.

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